Thursday, March 13, 2014

Captain Moroni Epitaph

A Nephite carved stela erected in honor of Captain Moroni might read something like this:

Captain Moroni ca. 100 B.C. - ca. 56 B.C. was military commander-in-chief of the Nephite Republic when the nation achieved its territorial maximum. Perhaps more importantly, he was chief captain during the Nephite cultural zenith Alma 50:23. He was a patriot Alma 48:11-13, war hero with battle wounds Alma 52:35, motivator Alma 46:21, Christian Alma 46:18 and family man Alma 46:12. He was an able recruiter Alma 50:12, brilliant battlefield tactician Alma 43:53 and effective executive Alma 46:28. He was also an innovator Alma 49:8 whose creations (body armor, fortified cities) forever changed the nature of Nephite warfare Alma 49:11. He attracted superior leaders Alma 53:2, but invariably reserved the toughest assignments for himself Alma 52:11. His reputation provoked fear among the Lamanites Alma 62:31, although he was magnanimous in victory Alma 62:28. He was preceded by Zoram2 Alma 16:5 and succeeded by his son, Moronihah Alma 62:43. Appointed chief captain at the young age of 25 Alma 43:17, he led the nation's fighting forces for 15 years before retiring to his home in the city of Zarahemla Alma 62:42-43 where he enjoyed 4 peaceful years before his death at age 44.The pre-eminent Nephite historian, Mormon, considered Captain Moroni one of the greats Alma 48:17-18 and named his own son after him.

The article "Captain Moroni in Space and Time" details his illustrious military career.