Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter 2016

Here are a few of the outstanding things Book of Mormon Central is doing to celebrate the International Day of the Book of Mormon on March 26th, General Conference on March 26th and April 2-3rd, and Easter on March 27th. #BoMDay & #hallelujah

1. Print counter.
Interactive Counter of Copies Printed since 1830
This counter increments every 5.922 seconds. It is based on official numbers prepared by the LDS Scriptures Publication Committee and LDS Printing Division. It reflects all languages including braille and ASL (delivered as a video). It does not reflect electronic copies accessed via the web or downloaded to mobile devices.

2. Easter infographic.
Christ in the Book of Mormon
I particularly like the name cloud. As with all images on this blog, click to enlarge.

3. Christ in America timeline.
Sequence of Events in 3 Nephi
It is not easy sometimes to keep this chronology straight.

4. Christ collage.
Images of Christ in Book of Mormon Central KnoWhys
Book of Mormon Central has been publishing KnoWhys since January 1, 2016. KnoWhy #62 about Jacob's use of the Psalms was published today. This collage brings together images of the Savior used in the KnoWhys published to date.