Monday, May 23, 2016

Art and Iconography 3

This post is a continuation of the material developed in the articles "Art and Iconography 1" and "Art and Iconography 2." A dominant theme in the Book of Mormon is resurrection of the dead.
Izapa monuments portray some of the most striking resurrection images ever created. Stela 1 has birth imagery in a heavenly setting.
Izapa Stela 1
 Sky Panel with Celestial Umbilical Cord
Norman 1973 Plate 2
Stela 3 depicts a journey toward post-mortality.
Izapa Stela 3
Dis-embodied Figure Ascending in a Boat
Norman 1973 Plate 6
Stela 9 also shows a figure ascending.
Izapa Stela 9
Winged Deity Bearing a Human Heavenward
Norman 1973 Plate 18
Stela 50 is unmistakable.
Izapa Stela 50
Winged Figure Rises on Umbilical Cord from Skeleton
Norman 1973 Plate 50