Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Prophecy Fulfilled 018

The Savior prophesied that the Gentiles would help gather the remnant of Jacob (Lehi's posterity) in unto the New Jerusalem 3 Nephi 21:23-24. The city New Jerusalem will be built at some future date in Jackson County, Missouri D&C 84:2-4. The scriptures also reference a land called New Jerusalem associated with the city D&C 45:663 Nephi 20:22.

This prophecy is being fulfilled as thousands of missionaries from the United States and other Gentile nations serve throughout Latin America. Inevitably, some of those who join the Church in Latin America emigrate to the U.S. I served in Peru from 1972 - 1974 and some of the members of the Church I worked with in that country now reside in the U.S.
Sisters from the U.S. at the Mexico City MTC
The "B" on the hill in the photo above stands for "Benemerito de las Americas," the name of the school whose campus became the MTC in 2013. Thousands of young Mexican Latter-day Saints who received an excellent high school education at Benemerito went on to be leaders of the Church in their country. The school letter on the hill is a transplanted Utah tradition.