Saturday, June 27, 2020

Guatemala Guatemala Guatemala

Today I was transcribing the special episode on Book of Mormon geography from Taylor Halverson and Tyler Griffin's excellent Come Follow Me Insights show on the Book of Mormon Central YouTube channel:

29 minutes into the video, Tyler makes the important point that the Nephites used the term "Zarahemla" in multiple ways. It was their capital city 3 Nephi 9:3, a lesser land (city state, region) Alma 62:6, and their greater land (nation) Alma 50:7. Ditto the term "Nephi" which was a capital city Alma 47:31, a lesser land Alma 47:20, and a greater land Alma 50:8, 11.

Two countries on earth today follow this naming convention where their capital city, leading region (state, department), and nation all carry the same name: Guatemala, Guatemala, Guatemala and Mexico, Mexico, Mexico. See the blog article "Light from Guatemala" for maps.