Wednesday, April 24, 2013


It is sometimes hard to keep everyone straight in the Book of Mormon. This article is a chronological outline of key people in the Nephite portion of the text whose names are often sub scripted. It will serve as an online repository for copying and pasting into other more substantive articles.

Nephison of Lehiwas the founding prophet king of the Nephite nation. The books of 1 Nephi and 2 Nephi are named after him. Born in Jerusalem ca. 615 B.C. 1 Nephi 1:4.

Lehipatriarch of both the Nephite and Lamanite nations.  

Zoramservant of Laban who married one of the daughters of Ishmael and became patriarch of the Zoramites, one of the seven founding lineages in the Book of Mormon Jacob 1:13, Mormon 1:8.

Mosiahdescendant of Nephi1 was the king who led the Nephites down from the land of Nephi into the land of Zarahemla.

Mosiahgrand son of Mosiah1 was the king who disbanded the monarchy and established the reign of the judges. The book of Mosiah is named after him. Born in Zarahemla ca. 154 B.C. Mosiah 6:4. Died in Zarahemla ca. 91 B.C. at age 63. Mosiah 29:46.

Almapriest of King Noah repented, founded a church in the wilderness, and became the Nephite high priest. He founded 7 churches in the greater land of Zarahemla. See the article "The Church in Zarahemla." Born ca. 173 B.C. in the Zeniff colony in the local land of Nephi or Shilom. Died ca. 91 B.C. in Zarahemla at age 82. Alma 29:45.

Almason of Almarepented, became the first chief judge of the Nephite nation, and succeeded his father as the Nephite high priest. The book of Alma is named after him.

Ammondescendant of Zarahemla, a strong and mighty man, led the group of 16 strong men dispatched by King Mosiahto find the Zeniff colony who had returned from the local land of Zarahemla to the greater land of Nephi Mosiah 7:3.

Ammonson of King Mosiahwho went up to the greater land of Nephi with his 3 brothers, Aaron, Omner and Himni, and served a 14 year mission among the Lamanites.

Zoramchief captain of the Nephite military prior to Captain Moroni.

Moronicommonly known as Captain Moroni was chief captain of the Nephite military forces. About 10% of the entire Book of Mormon recounts his military career. See the article "Captain Moroni in Space and Time."

Lehi2 commonly known as Captain Lehi was one of Captain Moroni's trusted field commanders.

Parhoranchief judge of the Nephite nation during the 7 year's war.

Parhoran2 son of Parhoran1, chief judge only briefly. Murdered by Kishkumen.

Helamanson of Almawas the Nephite high priest and a distinguished military leader. See the article "Captain Moroni in Space and Time" for an overview of his campaigns.

Helamanson of Helamanwas the high priest and chief judge of the Nephite nation. The book of Helaman is named after him. 

Nephiolder son of Helamanwas the high priest and chief judge of the Nephite nation. He and his brother, Lehiwere powerful teachers just prior to the Savior's advent.

 Lehiyounger son of Helamanwas a powerful missionary and teacher just prior to the Savior's advent.

Nephison of Nephiwas the first disciple chosen by the Savior in the land Bountiful. The book of 3 Nephi is named after him. 

Nephison of Nephiwas the Nephite record keeper following the visit of the resurrected Savior. The book of 4 Nephi is named after him.

Amosson of  Nephisucceeded his father as Nephite record keeper.

Amosson of Amossucceeded his father as Nephite record keeper.

Mormon, the final Nephite general, and penultimate prophet record keeper, is technically Mormonbecause his father was also named Mormon. The elder Mormon, though, is relatively insignificant in the narrative so his famous son is generally called simply Mormon without a subscript.

Moronison of Mormon, was the final Nephite prophet record keeper. The book of Moroni is named after him. Moronias a resurrected being appeared to the prophet Joseph Smith Jr. and others more than twenty times between September, 1823 and March, 1830.