Monday, March 21, 2016

Book of Mormon Day 2016

Saturday, March 26th, 2016 is the 186th anniversary of the day the Book of Mormon first went on sale in Palmyra, New York. To commemorate the event, people worldwide are using hashtag #BOMDAY to:
  • post photos of themselves reading the Book of Mormon in a familiar, comfortable, or culturally significant place.
  • share their testimony of the Book of Mormon.
  • share something they learned from the Book of Mormon.
People not comfortable with hashtags are welcome to submit material here:

There is also an art contest. Details here: While on that page, notice the counter showing how many copies of the Book of Mormon have been printed worldwide since 1830. At the current rate, a new copy rolls off the press on average every 5.922 seconds. This is a delightful piece of Book of Mormon art submitted by a lovely 12 year old girl.
An Interpretation of Jesus and the Children
As with all images on this blog, click to enlarge. Happy Book of Mormon Day.