Friday, March 30, 2018

Best Evidences Video to Date

The Book of Mormon Central YouTube Channel called "BMC Studios" has some terrific videos highlighting powerful evidences of Book of Mormon authenticity. The video on internal complexity posted today may be the best yet. Kwaku El, a promising young LDS actor, goes through a long list of impressive literary and contextual features with such rapid-fire delivery one gets the feeling he or she is only seeing the tip of the iceberg, which is literally correct. This video introduces some of the great work LDS scholars have done since the early 1950's and the sum of the parts is simply exhilarating, portending very good things to come as many of these topics will receive fuller treatment from the talented Book of Mormon Central video team in the future.

The blog article entitled "Watch: Evidence of the Book of Mormon: Internal Complexity" lists 108 linked sources in 27 topical categories for those who wish to go behind the scenes and understand this material in some depth.

If you liked this video, here is another of my recent favorites: "The Knot at the End of My Faith Rope" posted in the original Book of Mormon Central YouTube Channel.

- Kirk Magleby volunteers as executive director of Book of Mormon Central, the premiere source for reliable Book of Mormon enrichment material in English and Spanish.