Saturday, October 1, 2011

Water Fight on the River - Round Eleven

11. Question. Was the Land of Zarahemla centrally located within the Land Southward? See the article "Asking the Right Questions" in this blog.

11. Answer. Yes, the Nephite worldview positioned the Land of Zarahemla more or less in the center of the Land Southward north of the Narrow Strip of Wilderness.
11. Exhibit. We place a possible narrow strip of wilderness line (see the article "Water Fight on the River - Round Nine" in this blog) on top of our map of the rivers, then draw a crude rectangular box to represent the limits of what the Nephites may have considered their sovereign lands in the time of Parhoran (critical text orthography), Helaman I and Captain Moroni. Running two more lines between the four corners of the box gives us its center.
An attempt to locate the center of Nephite lands
as they were circa 65 BC.
11. Conclusion. You may play around with the dimensions and locations of the sides of this box, but most plausible scenarios of the extent of Nephite-held territory in the Land Southward at their apogee will place the Usumacinta much closer to the center of their lands than the Mezcalapa-Grijalva. Advantage Usumacinta.
11. Running Score. Mezcalapa-Grijalva 0. Usumacinta 11.