Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Water Fight on the River - Round Fourteen

14. Question. Did the River Sidon ever change course? See the article "Asking the Right Questions" in this blog.

14. Answer. Not during Book of Mormon times.
14. Exhibit. We have previously established that geologists and hydrologists in Tabasco have documented large course changes in the lower Mezcalapa-Grijalva since the Jaredite - Mulekite era. See the article "Wandering River" in this blog. The graphic highlights some of the many channels the lower Mezcalapa-Grijalva has flowed through in recent millenia. Some of the course changes occurred naturally. Others in historic times were man-made.
Course changes in the lower Mezcalapa-Grijalva.
The Usumacinta, on the other hand, is a mature river that has run in more or less its current course since Book of Mormon times.
14. Conclusion. The Book of Mormon text describes a geographically stable river Sidon. The Usumacinta best fits this criterion. Advantage Usumacinta.
14. Running Score. Mezcalapa-Grijalvaa 0. Usumacinta 14.