Saturday, November 12, 2011

206 Journeys

I recently spent time with Alan C. Miner. A dentist in Springville, UT, Alan is an unusually dedicated and thorough student of The Book of Mormon. He served his mission in Central America in the 1960's. Emeritus General Authority Clate W. Mask (currently presiding over the Guatemala City Temple) was one of his contemporaries in the mission field.

Note written in October, 2013: Elder Mask has been released as Temple President. He presented at BMAF 11 in Provo on October 19, 2013. Here is a summary of his presentation.

Mask and Miner collaborated on a detailed analysis of 206 different movements of people in The Book of Mormon text. As I showed Alan some of the exciting things we are doing these days with Google Earth, we discussed the daunting but exhilarating prospect of mapping all 206 journeys.

Certainly, any acceptable Book of Mormon New World geographic correlation will have to account for the significant details of these journeys.